Board Position Name
Executive Director Michelle Smythe
President Denise Baines
Vice President Melinda Williams
Secretary / Treasurer
Board Member Cliff Garrett
Board Member Neal Boatright
Board Member Haley Norman
Board Member
Board Member
Associate Tonia Cooper
Associate Cheryl Hill
Associate Lisa Clayton


The Fort Gibson Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to help in the economic development of businesses and services, for our town. We also are here to provide information to those interested in our town. Further more, the chamber is proud to promote our town and it’s businesses, by “remembering the past, and embracing the future”. The work the chamber does is crucial for further development by being the ambassador to businesses and individuals interested in relocating to Fort Gibson. Our primary mission is to serve our community. We sponsor and help organize many of the events in Fort Gibson each year, bringing many thousand visitors to our community. We feel Fort Gibson is a great town, and one of the best kept secrets in Oklahoma, with it’s natural resources, great public schools, and rural way of life.