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We are a full-scale lawn and landscape company out of Fort Gibson, OK. We specialize in landscape design & renovation, weed control & fertilization, yearly mowing and maintenance packages, sod and seed prep and installation, tree trimming and complete removal with stump grinding, full scale leaf removal and irrigation solutions. We have the most creative and innovative ideas that can turn your landscape or yard around for the better!

With our landscape crew we can offer you the best plants and materials at the most competitive prices on the landscape market, we install plants and trees that are mostly matured to create a look of growth and elegance. From brand new homes that are seeking a finished look to landscapes that are matured and just need a little renovation and change we can schedule an appointment and combine ideas to create both a finished look but a look that the customer wants. Call today!

Our weed control program consist of four chemical applications and one granular fertilization. Spring and fall applications are a pre emergent herbicide that prevents the germination of weed seedlings. The summer applications are for broadleaf weeds and crabgrass. The fertilization is a commercial blend of high concentrated nutrients that promote growth and turf maturity. Months of treatments are February, April, May, June and November.

Our mowing crew is both a commercial and residential service provider. We provide turf maintenance from April to October, from edging, trimming & blowing. Through the winter months we do leaf cleanups and keep up on your property then in early spring we scalp and remove the thatch layer to promote good oxygen flow to help the turf in the early summer.

All other services are scheduled upon request and will be discussed between customer and I. We will look over ideas, job specs, terrain & discuss different materials.

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