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For years we have been buying our clothes for everything from casual, workouts and school. Year after year we are not 100% happy with how they fit, or the design or the quality. So we decided to come up with our own line with designs and fit based on the people we spoke to. We decided to use our 30 years of creative skills to come up with a clothing line that  would be trendy and comfortable to show who you are on the outside. Our clothing line is made for all shapes and sizes because we believe that confidence is self PRIDE — what you wear AND your state of mind.

In addition we wanted to come up with our Custom Clothing option utilizing our high quality clothing material to offer corporate, schools and fundraising customers a solution to help raise money. For years we have been raising money for our kids’ school activities and competitive sports. Year after year we are given candy bars, popcorn or some sort of edible items to sell to people who really don’t want it. So we end up buying most of the items ourselves. We are also seeing the schools budgets being cut and putting the strain on the teachers & coaches to provide more and more for their kids.

We wanted to come up with something that shows Team Pride; and, something that every adult or child, boy or girl, would like to have. So, we tested out our idea and started selling headbands to raise money for our own school. This was an instant success. Word spread rapidly about the quality and now students and parents, of other schools, were asking where they could get them to sell for their school or team.

Thus, Team Pride Clothing was born!

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